Safety is a team effort. We must all work together to maintain a safe and healthy workplace

We have the three “golden” rules that can never be compromised ...

  1. Perform the job in a safe manner so that no one in the company, or outside the company, is in danger of injury.
  2. Perform the job in a manner to prevent any damage to surrounding building components.
  3. Perform the job in compliance with all federal, local, and state regulations.
  4. Make money.

You will notice that the 4th rule is making money, and that it is farther down the list than most other companies. Our philosophy is simple: if we follow the first three rules, the 4th will necessarily follow.

Employee Safety

BEI considers our employees to be its most valuable asset. In so doing, we consider the safety of our employees to be our #1 priority.

For 25 years and onward, BEI has always been committed to providing a safe workplace for all employees - as well as ensuring that all field personnel have the knowledge and training necessary to perform their work duties in a safe manner. BEI’s policy is this:

there is no task or job so important that an employee must violate a safety rule or place him or her self at risk of injury or illness in order to complete a job.

Employees are required to comply with all company safety rules and are encouraged to actively participate in identifying ways to make our company and job sites a safe place to work.

Supervisors are responsible for their employees, and in many cases, the field employees must be responsible for themselves.  All employees must monitor their workplace for unsafe conditions and take prompt action to eliminate any hazard that may place them in an unsafe situation.

Bristol Environmental’s management team will ensure the implementation of its safety program by devoting the necessary resources.  Weekly safety job site meetings, as well as monthly shop safety meetings, will be held to develop procedures for identifying and correcting hazards as well as planning for foreseeable emergencies.  BEI provides initial and ongoing training for employees and supervisors, while implementing a disciplinary policy to ensure that company safety policies are followed.

Safety is a team effort. We must all work together to maintain a safe and healthy workplace