Bristol Environmental has 25 years of knowledge and expertise, as well as the resources, to institute and manage environmental infection controls during construction activities.

Healthcare facilities are often inundated with many onerous and, sometimes, contradictory requirements and guidelines, from a host of agencies including CDC, EPA, OSHA, AIA, APIC, and NFPA.

Bristol Environmental has the knowledge, expertise, and resources to institute and manage environmental infection controls during construction activities. 

BEI is acutely aware of the varying ICRA requirements from facility to facility; and, will work in conjunction with the owner and consultant to ensure that the work is executed with utmost care.  Our personnel are ready to assist.  We can provide consultation on the ICRA requirements, such as:

  • Identify work area containment, including location and design of construction barriers.
  • Determine location of HEPA-filtered air filtration equipment and negative pressure methods.
  • Routinely monitor pressure relationships and containment integrity.
  • Evaluate protective rooms, including isolation rooms and operating rooms, to ensure that appropriate pressure relationships, air exchanges, and filtration efficiencies are maintained.
  • Establish debris transfer and emergency routes.

Most of BEI’s personnel are Infection Control Trained; and, we provide our workers with 2 levels of training, based on the tasks to be performed:

  1. Constructing: 24-hour course for building the ICRA barriers prior to the project.
  2. Maintaining: 8-hour for preserving the ICRA barriers while performing work within the contained area.

We will always have at least one 24-hour trained person on site during the work.

Let BEI help to protect your facility.