All of our work is performed by our own qualified staff using in-house, well-maintained equipment.

Selective demolition can be provided either in conjunction with some of our other services or offered as a stand-alone solution. BEI has 25 years’ worth of experience, the equipment, and workforce necessary to facilitate either strategy.  These services can be further reinforced by deployment of our extensive preventative maintenance and training programs that are conducted by our QA/QC Department.

Selective demo requires sensitivity.  BEI has the capabilities to oversee and maintain all aspects of any selective demolition project . . . from demolishing the major portion of a building while maintaining and preserving the integrity of its historic facade to dismantling and removing major boiler equipment from a large industrial site.

BEI can finance, insure, and manage all aspects of the project.  We will obtain all applicable local, state and federal permits; and, can provide all supervision and resources required to assure an on-time and in-budget job completion.

BEI is fully bonded through a treasury-rated company; and, is also fully insured with several AM Best, A+ rated, and XV categorized insurance carriers.  Policy and bond limits are available upon qualified request.

BEI has proven to be the perfect solution for commercial properties, educational institutions, government agencies, industrial sites, medical facilities, military vessels, and many other complex demolition projects.  All of our work is performed by our own qualified staff using in-house, well-maintained equipment.  Our comprehensive services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Planning and Engineering
  • Permitting
  • Asbestos and Lead Abatement
  • Dust control
  • Minimization of interruptions
  • Selective Interior Demolition (stripping and gutting)
  • Structural Demolition
  • Materials Segregation and Salvage for Resale
  • Rigging Out of Equipment
  • Asset Recovery and Relocation Assistance
  • Earthwork/Site Restoration