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Often, the primary source of potential lead exposure in older buildings is lead-based paint.  In professional, educational, and industrial settings, lead exposure presents a significant risk for the employees, visitors, and students.  This exposure can occur if lead becomes airborne during construction, renovation, or routine maintenance work.  In addition, those who work in industries where lead products or coatings are present - either as part of the manufacturing process or as an ingredient - also tend to be at higher risk. 

With 25 years of experience, Bristol Environmental, Inc. can provide the full scope of services to support any Lead Abatement or Removal project, including abatement, encapsulation, containment, removal, and disposal. 

BEI understands that in many of the buildings where these lead-based paint conditions exist, the removal and restoration process is very delicate.  The site itself may be historically important; or, particular original architectural elements may need to be preserved because of concerns for the building’s integrity and aesthetics.

Our staff consists of the most technically trained lead abatement professionals in the industry.  Whatever the size of the job, BEI can successfully remove and dispose of any lead based paints, coatings, contaminants, and lead bearing components with a variety of techniques.  Whether it’s tried-&-true or cutting-edge, our methods include:

  • Mechanical lead paint removal--brushes, scrapers
  • Blasting paint removal (Dry Ice or other Abrasives)
  • Chemical stripping paint and coating removal
  • Decontamination of lead dust with HEPA vacuum
  • Transportation and disposal of lead contaminated soil
  • Removal and replacement of lead bearing components
  • Enclosure with a durable substance
  • Encapsulation with a lead barrier compound

BEI will visit your site, review the recommended removal process, and provide a detailed and thorough cost analysis of your project.  BEI considers each client’s individual situation/needs before recommending a procedure.  The two general removal processes in the industry are lead hazard reduction and lead abatement; and, some projects requiring a combination of both.

BEI holds multiple licenses and security clearances in many states and municipalities, from north-to-south and east-to-west.  We are immediately able to respond to your need to be protected with complete, competent, and certified lead-based paint removal services during your time of crisis.  We will coordinate every aspect of the project with the property owner and/or insurance adjuster with the professionalism and care that has earned BEI its long list of satisfied customers.

Please contact us to learn more about our fast, reliable, and affordable lead abatement, clean-up, and removal services . . . and, how we can help you keep your commercial or industrial building healthy and safe.